The modding scene for RE3 demo ended up becoming super active! Here’s a collection of mod showcases of mods made by myself and other modders:












If anyone wants to mod the demo, you can download my mod manager with RE3 demo support from here:

Some mods are downloadable from the mod manager itself, and it also includes links to sites with more RE3 demo mods.

Made a quick compile of my mod manager with support for the Resident Evil 3 demo:

Using the mod manager is straightforward: Unpack the RAR file anywhere, run modmanager.exe, and then drag’n’drop mods in RAR format onto the mod manager window.

For information on how to make mods for the RE3 demo, check out this thread and forum:

Dodge system details! Demo announced! Lots of gameplay footage! RE3 news! All the RE3 news!

Here are links to stuff we talk about…
12 minutes of gameplay footage uploaded by Dengeki Online:
Quotes from Japanese interviews:
Notes from various preview videos:

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