Resident Evil 3 mod showcases

Here’s a collection of video showcases of various Resident Evil 3 mods made by myself and other modders. For info on how to download each mod, check the various video descriptions. And in order to install mods you have to use my mod manager called Fluffy Manager (which you can also use to download many […]

Resident Evil 3 demo mod showcases

The modding scene for RE3 demo ended up becoming super active! Here’s a collection of mod showcases of mods made by myself and other modders:                       If anyone wants to mod the demo, you can download my mod manager with RE3 demo support from here: […]

Mod manager with Resident Evil 3 demo support

Made a quick compile of my mod manager with support for the Resident Evil 3 demo: Using the mod manager is straightforward: Unpack the RAR file anywhere, run modmanager.exe, and then drag’n’drop mods in RAR format onto the mod manager window. For information on how to make mods for the RE3 demo, check out […]

Resident Evil 3 Demo Playthrough!

  Some highlights from the playthrough: Nemesis warping to his home planet: Super fancy knife attack when you get a perfect dodge: If you use assits mode you get access to the assault rifle:

SoulCalibur VI Storyline Screenshot Creation Guide

Want to make silly SoulCalibur 6 images in the style of the game’s Soul Chronicle scenes? Ie, like these: I wanted intermission scenes like this for my streams, so I made a script for my streaming/podcasting tool (aka Fluffiest Podcast Tool) to display scenes in this style. If people want to make scenes of the […]

Assassin’s Creed multiplayer stream highlights

This is easily one of my favourite videos on my Youtube channel. It’s a montage of a bunch of silly moments of Assassin’s Creed multiplayer from my Twitch channel: Thanks to Axel for editing together the video! You hear the voices (and screams) of these people in the video: FluffyQuack, Axel, Zamweer, Snipz, and Pvimto. […]

Devil May Cry 5 review (PC version)

DMC5 feels like we got time-warped back to TGS 2010 and instead of a reveal trailer showing an edgy reboot of the DMC franchise we got what people actually expected, a sequel to DMC4. I was curious if Capcom would take many cues from DmC when making this, but aside from a few very specific […]

Dragon’s Dogma review (PC version)

Most RPGs feature a large amount of combat throughout their content but the actual combat mechanics are usually lackluster. Dragon’s Dogma is a rare example of action combat in an RPG done so well it rivals the combat in games which has that as sole focus. It’s made by the developers of Devil May Cry […]