DMC5 feels like we got time-warped back to TGS 2010 and instead of a reveal trailer showing an edgy reboot of the DMC franchise we got what people actually expected, a sequel to DMC4. I was curious if Capcom would take many cues from DmC when making this, but aside from a few very specific elements (for example, you have an announcer for the style rank and the game goes into slow motion for the last kill in a fight) this feels like Capcom pretended DmC never happened and focused on making the best possible sequel to the previous main-line DMC game.

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Most RPGs feature a large amount of combat throughout their content but the actual combat mechanics are usually lackluster. Dragon’s Dogma is a rare example of action combat in an RPG done so well it rivals the combat in games which has that as sole focus. It’s made by the developers of Devil May Cry 4 so it doesn’t come as a surprise the combat is so refined, but it also works well as an RPG overall. It has a large world to explore, it has a distinct old-school feel with how it doesn’t hold your hand and you can easily miss quests or walk into areas you’re not prepared for, inventive optional solutions to quests for people who like to experiment, and more.

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