Download link:

The biggest changes in this WIP build are the following:

  • You can now add a “” tag to the modinfo.ini which will add homepage link to mods when previewing them.
  • You can add an “addonfor=modname” tag to a modinfo.ini which will hide that mod by default, and only make it appear if you click on a “+” icon next to mod with the name “modname”.
  • Before downloading mods, you see preview information about those mods.
  • The category filter has been overhauled, and can also be used for filtering mod downloads.
  • Added minigame for when RE0 is selected as game!

If you discover any bugs, please let me know in this thread:

The new features should all work just fine, but I will be doing work to make them more presentable (I want the addon button to be on the menu button for a mod rather than the preview window, and I need to do more work with making the mod downloader preview info in a nicer way).


Overhauled category selection:


Mod preview info before downloading mods:



Optional homepage link for mods:




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