First of all, welcome to Caliburbooru! What is this place you ask? This is a booru created to share CaS cards of Soulcalibur 6 on PC. This is possible with the use of the save extractor created by FluffyQuack.

If you are curious about the mod development of SC6 on PC, including the save extractor, then join us on

General rules:

  • We only ask that you do not post any other content other than SC6 cards.
  • Also no nudity or anything of the sort.
  • Nothing offensive like swastikas or jew mockery.
  • No Inferno cards either.

Tagging rules:

First note that all tags should be separated by spaces. If a tag contains more than a single word, then use underscores _, for example, soul_edge.

We ask that you follow the tagging scheme below in order to keep posts organized:

  • The name of the series should be tagged as Series:Namehere (ex. Series:Devil_May_Cry)
  • The base style of your character should be tagged as Style:Stylenamehere (ex. Style:Siegfried)
  • The name of your character is optional and does not require anything special (ex. Dante)
  • If your character is an alternate costume for the main roster then tag it with Alternate
  • If your character is completely custom made then tag it with Custom
  • If your character is an original creation and does not belong to any series, tag it with Original_Character
  • Lastly, if your character contains any modifications made with the Extended Creation Tool, make sure to tag it as Modded

Here is some examples of properly tagged posts:

  • Alternate costume for Maxi – Style:Maxi Alternate
  • Custom character from Mortal Kombat – Series:Mortal_Kombat Style:Geralt Scorpion Custom
  • Original character you made, modded with the ECT – Original_Character John_Doe Modded

And that is all, hopefully this will help keep things organized, if you have any doubts you can also check existing characters and see how they are tagged.
For the most part, you should not need more tags than those. Avoid using multiple tags to name the series, for example having both King_of_Fighters and kof. Just one is enough.