The modding scene for RE3 demo ended up becoming super active! Here’s a collection of mod showcases of mods made by myself and other modders:












If anyone wants to mod the demo, you can download my mod manager with RE3 demo support from here:

Some mods are downloadable from the mod manager itself, and it also includes links to sites with more RE3 demo mods.

Made a quick compile of my mod manager with support for the Resident Evil 3 demo:

Using the mod manager is straightforward: Unpack the RAR file anywhere, run modmanager.exe, and then drag’n’drop mods in RAR format onto the mod manager window.

For information on how to make mods for the RE3 demo, check out this thread and forum:

Want to make silly SoulCalibur 6 images in the style of the game’s Soul Chronicle scenes? Ie, like these:

I wanted intermission scenes like this for my streams, so I made a script for my streaming/podcasting tool (aka Fluffiest Podcast Tool) to display scenes in this style. If people want to make scenes of the same style, here are instructions on how to get it set up.

First of all, you’ll need to download this which is the streaming/podcasting tool with a large collection of character portraits and backgrounds:

The process requires a few steps (this is a tool made for streaming, so not exactly designed for making images). Here’s what you do:

  • Unpack SC6VN.rar anywhere.
  • Open Data\Scripts\Scene.fsc in a text editor.
  • Look through Data\Set01 for a background image you want to use (if you add your own, make sure it’s 1920×1080). Search for “ChangePicture” line in the script and replace the second part of the line with the name of the background filename.
  • Look through Data\Puppets for portrait images you want to use. Search for “AddScenePuppet” lines in the script, and replace the third part of it with the names of the portrait images.
  • Search for SC6VN_Name and SC6VN_Dialogue in the script to replace the name of the character talking and their dialogue.
  • Boot up Podcast.exe, click on “Scene list”, and then click on “Scene_SC6”
  • Your custom scene should now be visible. Press F12 to take a screenshot (it will be saved to the Screenshots folder).
  • To make it reload the scene with a modified script, then click on “Reload scripts” and “Repeat last scene” in the menu you get when pressing the escape key.

If you’re experienced with an image editor like Photoshop, you can easily create similar images by arranging the assets appropriately as layers. If you prefer doing that, you can use the assets which are in the above download. The font is in Data/Fonts/SC6 and Data/Puppets/SC6VN-ShadowOverlay.png is the dark gradient which is rendered behind the text.

This is easily one of my favourite videos on my Youtube channel. It’s a montage of a bunch of silly moments of Assassin’s Creed multiplayer from my Twitch channel:

Thanks to Axel for editing together the video!

You hear the voices (and screams) of these people in the video: FluffyQuack, Axel, Zamweer, Snipz, and Pvimto. There might also be a random Ryman and Davinyan here and there, though they didn’t play.

DMC5 feels like we got time-warped back to TGS 2010 and instead of a reveal trailer showing an edgy reboot of the DMC franchise we got what people actually expected, a sequel to DMC4. I was curious if Capcom would take many cues from DmC when making this, but aside from a few very specific elements (for example, you have an announcer for the style rank and the game goes into slow motion for the last kill in a fight) this feels like Capcom pretended DmC never happened and focused on making the best possible sequel to the previous main-line DMC game.

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Most RPGs feature a large amount of combat throughout their content but the actual combat mechanics are usually lackluster. Dragon’s Dogma is a rare example of action combat in an RPG done so well it rivals the combat in games which has that as sole focus. It’s made by the developers of Devil May Cry 4 so it doesn’t come as a surprise the combat is so refined, but it also works well as an RPG overall. It has a large world to explore, it has a distinct old-school feel with how it doesn’t hold your hand and you can easily miss quests or walk into areas you’re not prepared for, inventive optional solutions to quests for people who like to experiment, and more.

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Download link:

The biggest changes in this WIP build are the following:

  • You can now add a “” tag to the modinfo.ini which will add homepage link to mods when previewing them.
  • You can add an “addonfor=modname” tag to a modinfo.ini which will hide that mod by default, and only make it appear if you click on a “+” icon next to mod with the name “modname”.
  • Before downloading mods, you see preview information about those mods.
  • The category filter has been overhauled, and can also be used for filtering mod downloads.
  • Added minigame for when RE0 is selected as game!

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